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Building Resilience

for our cities during The Global pandemic 


From Local to International

Since the beginning of the global outbreak of COVID-19 virus in March 2020, our society is facing an unprecedented challenge in our habits; on how we evolve as a society globally.



Living in a changing world


The Government imposed restriction on our mobility, exclude any social gatherings event, implementing social distancing to protect civilians and save lives.

How to reinvent a new form of living habitat and become resilient in this difficult time?



 Kids with  Masks

Global disruption and quarantine



We believe that collectively we have a role to play during this major crisis which touches deeply our society.



This is a moment of drastic change where expertise and a creative answer can assist our local communities on overcoming this challenge.  


We establish Resilience as a service to help and support step by step our clients during Covid-19 and beyond.



Nowadays, we recognise that several massive disruptions forced our urban cities and habitats to reinvent themselves and become resilient.   



SMD+ provides Resilience strategic advice to the private and public sector to Clients globally.  Our Resilience services include Technical assessment, Security Assessment with a specialist, Public Flow Analysis, Operational Review and Feasibility Report.



Furthermore, we developed in parallel a Resilience Catalogue issue which will gather analysis on various subjects, case studies related to the pandemic at the micro and global level.


Issue #1

How to be resilient during the pandemic.

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