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central bank of ireland 


Dublin / ireland

The new headquarter of the Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin is built to receive over 1450 employees within 27 000 sqm.



The integration of an atrium where the intersection of different platforms, with internal bridges and staircases, create a dynamic centre heart in the building.


Additional amenities are part of the culture and activities that promote the communication within the community such as the public exhibition space, conference rooms, learning centre and library.



The external envelope is a double skin façade system that wraps around the building with the unitised curtain wall being glazed.


The secondary façade system is a triangular anodized perforated panel acting as a shield against the solar gain and offset from the main façade system.



The development opened in 2017 and is situated along the Dockland Quay in the heart of Dublin City.



project at a glance


Architects & Engineers :

Henry J Lyons Architects / AECOM



£ 150 M



Central Bank of Ireland


Completion Date:




Facade Engineering

Office accommodation for 1500 employee.



29 000 sqm



A project developed by AECOM and executed by Sylvie Milosevic in collaboration with a wider architectural team with engineers and contractors involve on the project during her time at AECOM.  

" New headquarter of Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin "

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