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don't miss out on r&D tax relief by bdo partner with smd+


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Could your business benefit from a reduced tax bill or cash refund from the government? If you are not already claiming Research and Development (R&D) tax relief, perhaps you should be. You may be surprised as to what is classified as R&D.



Our Innovation and Technology Team


We are a team composed of of 40- 50 engineers, who has delivered over £500 million of Tax Savings to Business Owners, with 100% success record.

We have operated since inception of the R&D Tax Relief scheme in the UK in 2000 and assist many SMEs and Large Companies with their R&D Tax Credit across all industry sectors.


Why is BDO the right firm of advisers for my business?


A partner-led service:

in this way, we make sure that the greatest knowledge, experience and insight is applied to every R&D tax relief claim.

Our large specialist R&D team:

we have between 30 and 40 engineers/scientists in house and full time, ensuring we have the resources to pursue claims thoroughly and efficiently. Our team blends tax, engineering and technology expertise so that we can identify qualifying expenditure correctly.

Strong track record:

through our work, in excess of £500 million in tax credits and refunds has been successfully delivered to clients across numerous business sectors.

100% success rate:

  • not a single R&D tax relief claim we have made has ever failed.

  • We ensure clients only claim the relief to which they are entitled, avoiding extensive and disruptive investigation from HMRC.

Ability to build long-lasting client relationships:

  • 95% of businesses we advise on R&D tax relief claims renew their contracts with us.

Our full claim management service:

we handle the paperwork, enabling you to remain focused on running your business. We provide effective documentation to meet all compliance requirements.


Is your business eligible for R&D tax relief?


Any company that is involved in technological or scientific problem solving could be eligible for R&D Tax Relief.


This can include architects, software developers, manufacturing, engineering, construction or even demolition companies.



If you can answer yes to any of the following questions you may qualify for R&D Tax Relief, please contact us for more details.



  1. Have you performed any form of technical or scientific problem solving?

  2. Are you using existing processes/methods/techniques in a unique way?

  3. Have you abandoned a project for technical reasons?


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