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King Abdullah sPORTS CITY


Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Sports City is built to provide a world-class football venue to the city of Jeddah. The stadium offers a capacity of 60 000 seats and is the largest venue in Saudi Arabia.

The additional facilities are the 10 000 seats indoor multipurpose Sports Hall arena, including 1000 outdoor seats with 3 football training pitches, track, 6 tennis courts, warm-up facilities for athletes, a mosque and 23 00 car parking spaces and coaches.  

The masterplan symbolic form is defined as a large circular and radiating axes with the main stadium at its heart.

The architecture was inspired by Islamic symbolism and geometric patterns with some traditional shape of mashrabiya screen.

The unique shading system of mashrabiya provides technical solution to the extreme climate in cooling and ventilating naturally the building.   



project at a glace


Architects & Engineers :




£ 560 M



Saudi Aramco


Completion Date:




Arup Sports

60.000 seats national stadium 

1 Mosque

10.000 seats indoor/outdoor multipurpose arena



Overall field size 3 000 000 m2



A project developed by Arup Associate and executed by Sylvie Milosevic in collaboration with a wider architectural team with engineers and contractors involve on the project during her time at Arup Associate.  

" Inspired by Islamic symbolism & geometric patterns "

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