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Al Bahr Twin Tower


Abu Dhabi / UAE

The Al Bahr Tower development is situated in the city of Abu Dhabi. The twin towers are consisting of 29 storey and 145 meters high. It is the new headquarters of Abu Dhabi Investment Council and the head office for AL Hilal Bank in UAE.    

The extreme weather condition on the site has pushed the R&D design team of AEDAS to develop a responsive system inspired from traditional Islamic lattice shading device named ‘Masharabiya’.  


The system was created with parametric computational design technology of the kinetic façade panel which response to the sun path exposure and climate condition.


The Masharabiya system is offset 2 meters apart from the main glazed curtain wall system of the tower.   

It aims to reduce 50% of solar gain and the indoor needs of air conditioning system in the building.



The project is considered as a benchmark and world-class achievement in the approach of sustainability and technology.


project at a glace


Architects & Engineers :




£ 250 M



Abu Dhabi Investment Council


Completion Date:




25 storey building with 150 000 sqm which we created the first full responsive kinetic façade system. We received multiple prices for 21-century innovation in skyscraper technology for Cityscape in 2010 Abu Dhabi Award for Distinction in Architecture in the Emerging Market.



150 000 sqm



A project developed by Aedas executed by Sylvie Milosevic in collaboration with a wider architectural team with engineers and contractors involved on the project during her time at Aedas

" parametric computational design technology of the kinetic façade panel "


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