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Abstract Architecture

Create a new world
beyond imagination

Innovation that drives creativity and
transform them into visonary solution


Announcement of SMD+ is a multi-award-winning design management advisory firm that leverages innovation to create conduits for unforgettable experiences win the title of Most Innovative Design Management Advisory Firm 2024 - London .  


04 July 2024

servicing world-class development globally

  Celebrating 5 Years in Business

At SMD+, our value is to improve the world by providing the highest level of services with the latest trends in design, architecture and technology.


We enhance our knowledge with understanding local cultures and challenges to create a lasting landmark destination for clients as well as consumers.


We have an agile approach with our clients globally and develop projects across different sectors.  


We partner with small and large businesses in order to share our joint ambitions and transform the world. Our business exists for the last 5 years

and we are already working at a global level.

luxury has wellbeing

& sustainable mindset 


 Create Your Long-Lasting Legacy

Nowadays, a wide range of Clients are developing an international portfolio of properties. We believe that it is essential to match and satisfy the local culture as well as being ahead of new design trend.  



We dedicate our knowledge and team to analyse and understand the challenges and improvement our client’s visions. We think that every project should aim for a sustainable approach combined with an excellent in craftmanship, long-lasting material and a touch of innovative technology.



By cultivating your own mindset of wellbeing environment in the heart of your project, you will benefit and elevate a positive experience for your costumers.

be resilient and adapt your

real estate portfolio  

Thrive & Become Future Proof

In a fast-changing society, investing in developing a property is to establish and adaptable a program that suits the market needs without compromising the quality of the asset. Either you wish to create and launch a new landmark development or renovate an existing building. We look at how you can maximize the potential of your asset and create a limitless property.    


Our team is dedicated to provides with continuous support on the project at all stage of the development until completion.  We offer Technical Advisory services which cover multiple aspects such as Design Management, Feasibility Report, Project Management, Technical Assessment and Resilience.


We already worked on various on some major world-class development such as Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, Long & Waterson Development in Shoreditch,  Sports Venue & Leisure development in France and high-end luxury premium residence for high net worth individuals globally.

Building  Multidisciplinary Partnership in Built Environment with World Class buisnesses

Support is the key success to a business 

At SMD+ we believe that it is essential to continuously build and grow our business locally and globally with reliable partners.


We are proud to have established a long-lasting Partnership with World Class Businesses who have exceptional experience and values.

Also, it helps us to assist further our Clients in different sectors and region to provide them with continuous support with expert advice to meet their needs.

Either you need business advice on real estate, investment, design, technology in software development, finance and construction in the built environment.

We have a solution for each of your project expectations and visions.

Heritage and listed building in luxury domain

Art  &  Craftmanship at heart  


Since the start of our activity, we grow our experience in heritage and conservation area in architecture and interior design.

Our clients are interest to develop timeless and challenging projects in both the public and private sectors.

It is important to note the high level of craftmanship and technology involved in these projects.

Bringing to life an ancient building to the 21st century, it is essential to curate and work in close collaboration with a specialised building contractor.


Create a new world beyond Your design

Research & Design Development

Nowadays, we see emerging many innovations and technology in various industry. However, it can be time consuming to develop new ideas, train

your staff or look for new talents so you can build a world-class team of professional designers within your practice.


Whereas only a handful of practice globally in design or architecture has integrated Research and Development (R&D) within their practice or projects. It is quite common to perceive R&D as an expensive investment. Also, it can be a lack of resources or knowledge within the team to develop and experiment new ideas.


At SMD+ our Emergent Technology & Research department is aiming to support designer and architects by providing latest computational design solution with our Biomimicry Design Hub (BDH).You will find several useful sources and design ideas that can be implemented in your projects and save your time on other tasks.   

Clients & Partners

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